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100 Days of Apple Watch

Forget about first impressions. Here is what I think about my Apple Watch after wearing it 100 days in a row. Continue reading “100 Days of Apple Watch”

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How Apple Pay Really Works and Why You Should Begin Using it Immediately

The announcement of Apple Pay was met with much press, and a lot of misunderstanding. Without naming names, it’s fair to say that there are a great number of misconceptions about how it works and why it’s superior (and, to be clear, it is vastly superior) to existing payment mechanisms. So how does it really work? Continue reading “How Apple Pay Really Works and Why You Should Begin Using it Immediately”

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My Afternoon With Scientology, Or: I Visited A Cult So You Don’t Have To

I’m an asshole. That wasn’t the word that was used, but that’s what it meant. The truth is, I already knew this, but now I have “scientific” proof. Anyone who has walked around pretty much any downtown has seen the signs: Free Personality Test. Sure, the whole thing is a sham, a calculated effort to take advantage of people’s egotistical interest in themselves, but I’ve long been curious to take Scientology’s test, if only because I’ve never (knowingly, at least) even talked to a Scientologist. Continue reading “My Afternoon With Scientology, Or: I Visited A Cult So You Don’t Have To”

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The Apple Clickbait Generator: “Why Everything is Bad for Apple”

I made a page that randomly generates a new, terrible article about why everything imaginable is somehow, inexplicably bad for Apple. Over one million possibilities! Continue to The Apple Clickbait Generator

Stop Changing Your Passwords

In the aftermath of Heartbleed, users of web services have been widely exhorted to change all their passwords, and reminded that as a best practice, they should be changing them regularly. Such advice is passed around as an accepted best practice, but is it? Should you actually be changing your passwords regularly? Or ever? Continue reading “Stop Changing Your Passwords”

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Android: Google’s Multi-Billion Dollar Boondoggle

Android is, ostensibly, a resounding success, installed on around 80% of the world’s smartphones, and still growing fast. And while it’s certainly an achievement to have its software distributed so widely, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been a success for Google. By the standards most applicable to a business, Android has been a disaster, as evidenced most recently by the complete failure of Motorola. So why did Google develop Android in the first place? Who are the winners? The losers? Continue reading “Android: Google’s Multi-Billion Dollar Boondoggle”

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The Imploding Tea Party

In 1773, a group of Americans calling themselves the Sons of Liberty threw chests of tea into Boston Harbor as an act of protest against what they deemed to be unfair taxes. It has since become an iconic symbol of patriotism and early American independence. In 2009, a diverse group of people appropriated the symbolism of this event and created the “Tea Party.” Continue reading “The Imploding Tea Party”

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Amazon Prime Air

On the evening of December 1, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled a new program, Amazon Prime Air. The service promises octocopter drone delivery within 30 minutes for eligible products (with a five-pound weight limit). It’s an audacious plan, but one which he concedes won’t launch until 2015 at the absolute earliest, and possibly years later. So why announce it now? Continue reading “Amazon Prime Air”

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