Kirk Lennon

Web Developer for Hire

Are you searching for a junior web developer for a full-time position? Do you want a reliable employee who’s a quick learner? Do you want someone who knows how to give and take constructive feedback? Do you want someone who is friendly and professional?

Hi, I’m Kirk

I live in sunny Seattle and currently work in a professional office doing a job most people have never heard of. I’ve always been interested in web development and am now ready to pursue it professionally. I’ve been making things and putting them on the internet for 20 years but now it’s time to turn hobby into career

I have recently completed two specializations on Coursera: Python for Everybody and Web Applications for Everybody. The Python courses covered topics such as data structures, accessing web data, using databases, and visualizations. The web applications courses covered PHP, SQL, building CRUD applications, and the use of JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON.


I used Python to build an automatic breaking news page. It uses the Twython library to search for tweets where journalists are asking for permission to share a video, and then embeds the parent tweets with the videos on a page. The code is on GitHub.

Many news sites tweet their articles many times, making their accounts too busy to follow. AbridgerBot follows interesting accounts for me and retweets their links one time only so I can follow the bot instead. To identify duplicates, it follows links through all redirects and stores the ultimate article URL in a SQLite database. View AbridgerBot on GitHub.

I made a family meal-planning web app. It allows you to store and edit recipes, and then insert them into slots for a given week such as “Friday Dinner.” The main code is written in PHP and it uses a MySQL database. The ability to add multiple ingredients to each recipe is written in plain JavaScript. Meals on GitHub.


Send me an email, or message me on Twitter.